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3 People To Bring With You When Turning Yourself In

If you have a warrant out for your arrest, turning yourself in is often better rather than waiting for law enforcement to come and pick you up. You can prepare yourself mentally beforehand, and you can avoid the embarrassing and frightening situation of having law enforcement turn up at your job or your house to arrest you. Plus, the law often looks at you favorably when you turn yourself in, which may benefit your case and could result in a reduced bond. Ideally, when you do turn yourself in, you’ll want to bring at least three people with you. Bringing these three people along will help make this difficult and stressful situation go a little more smoothly.
  1. Your Lawyer
Contact a lawyer before you turn yourself in. An attorney can find out and help you understand what charges you face. Your attorney can also find out about your bond amount, and if the bond is too high, he or she may be able to arrange for a bond reduction hearing before you ever turn yourself in. Your attorney can advise you about what to expect when you turn yourself in and can help you avoid getting yourself into more trouble, such as by speaking for you to help you avoid saying anything incriminatory. Then, after your arrest, your lawyer can begin working on a defense for your case and can help you with all hearings and other court appearances. If you don’t have a lawyer, Absolute Bail Bonds can recommend a lawyer to talk to.
  1. A Bail Bondsman
You will want to get in contact with a bail bondsman from Absolute Bail Bonds before you ever turn yourself in. Arranging for someone to bail you out of jail will be easier when you’re on the outside rather than after you’re arrested. When you’re in jail, you may have a limited number of phone calls that you can make, and you won’t have access to your computer. You won’t be able to go to the bank, retrieve money from your house, or contact relatives who may be able to chip in toward your bail bond fee. If you arrange for a bail bondsman before you turn yourself in you’ll be able to make financial arrangements so that you can pay the bond fee. You can also get a lot of the paperwork out of the way beforehand, which will help expedite the process of getting bailed out of jail once you turn yourself in. Bail bondsmen from Absolute Bail Bonds will be happy to meet you at the location of your choosing, including at the jail. Then, he or she will be ready to sign the paperwork and help you get bailed out as soon as possible after turning yourself in.
  1. A Friend or Family Member
Turning yourself in on an arrest warrant is definitely stressful, and this is probably not something that you want to go through alone. Having a friend or family member with you will provide you with some emotional support during this difficult time. If given permission, your friend or family member can talk to your lawyer and your bail bondsman on your behalf while you’re in custody to help make arrangements for you. He or she may also be able to give you a ride home from the jail once you’re released. Even though turning yourself in is probably the right thing to do when you have a warrant for your arrest, you still face a tough situation. Bringing along these three people will help. If you want a bail bondsman who can help you get out of jail fast after turning yourself in, contact us at Absolute Bail Bonds today.