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3 Reasons the Court May Revoke Bail

Many people believe that after posting bail all they have to do is show up at their court appointments and they’ll be able to stay out of jail. While that’s definitely a critical provision of your release, there are actually a number of situations that can result in your bail being canceled by the court and a warrant issued for your arrest. This guide lists three you should be aware of and what you can do to avoid them.
  1. Courtroom Shenanigans
No one likes the prospect of being convicted of a crime and sentenced to jail time. So, it’s understandable you would use all the tools available to keep that from happening. However, if you engage in illegal activities to do so or act in bad faith with the court, then the judge may rescind your bail and throw you in jail as punishment. For example, a Minnesota man had his bail essentially canceled for witness tampering. After being released from jail, the man sought out a witness in his case and threatened to harm the person. The man was charged and sent back to jail. Threatening witnesses, bribing jury members, and similar behavior in or out of the courtroom can result in your bail being rescinded. If you want to avoid being locked up in this scenario, handle your court case in an ethical manner. Ask your attorney for advice before acting if you’re not sure a certain behavior may land you in trouble.
  1. Misrepresentation or Fraud
It’s critical to represent yourself and your situation as accurately as possible at your bail hearing. Otherwise, you could find yourself being accused of misrepresentation or fraud and your bail could be revoked as a result. For example, if you tell the judge you make less money than you actually earn to get the judge to lower the bail amount, then the judge will cancel the order once he or she finds out the truth. Be aware that misrepresentation isn’t always outright lying — it can take many forms. Failing to provide relevant information in a timely manner and obscuring the facts can also be considered a form of fraud. For this reason, you should have an attorney handle your bail hearing, which can help you avoid inadvertently landing in trouble.
  1. You Become a Community Hazard
The third reason defendants have their bail revoked is because they cause trouble in their communities. This commonly occurs when defendants commit other crimes after they’re released. The best way to avoid landing back in jail is to abide by the terms of your release and avoid trouble. If you were recently awarded bail and want to get out jail as quickly as possible or you have questions about what to do if your bail is revoked, then contact Absolute Bail Bonds for assistance.