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4 Perks a Bail Bond Company May Provide

When a family member has been arrested, the whole process becomes stressful and overwhelming, especially if it is a first-time arrest. The world of arrests and bail is complicated. On the bright side, bail bond companies not only help post bail but also have extra perks to help get you through the process.

Learn about the extra perks, how the company will guide you through the process, and how to come out on the other end with your loved one released from jail.

1. Warrant Checks

A warrant check is essential for many forms of bail. Before a person has been officially arrested, police may issue a warrant for their arrest. A warrant details the pending charges. When you visit a bail bond company first, you can find out all of the details about the warrant, estimate the potential bail, and set up paperwork.

When you prepare paperwork ahead of time, you will eliminate delays. Bail companies search warrants on a daily basis and can quickly help you access information with direct connections to warrant databases.

A bail bond company can read the warrant and set up expectations for bail and potential sentences. The workers can give you details about similar cases and an estimated timeline for future court cases and possible sentences for the offender.

A warrant check can also help if your family member has already been arrested. If there are any other outstanding charges or warrants, then the set bail amount could change. The warrant search will avoid delays and give you a better expectation of the amount you have to pay to the bail bond company.

The quick access can dramatically reduce jail time or eliminate any time spent in a cell. The experience will help prevent any snags as long as you and the family member follow the guidance from the bail bond company.

2. Jail House Communication

Contact with an arrested family member is essential for the exchange of information. Jails use a collect call system that charges per phone call. If multiple calls are needed, the charges can quickly add up. As an alternative to personal calls on your end, a bail bond company will accept collect calls and can talk directly with the inmate.

The call process can help answer any questions and provide information so you don’t have to waste extra money or resources. If you have any bail bond or money questions for the inmate, you can ask the bail bond company to get answers from the inmate without the need for a separate collect call.

For example, a person may have some extra money stashed away that you can use for bail.

3. Attorney Recommendations

An arrest is often followed up with a court case and a lot of legal decisions to make. To help get guidance through each step of the process, you may seek out the help and counsel of an attorney. Instead of just blind-calls to attorneys in your local area, you can seek advice from a bail bond company.

Bondsmen work with attorneys on a daily basis and can help connect you to a recommended attorney to represent your case. Some attorneys have more expertise in certain criminal cases. For example, you may need a drug expert attorney rather than one with experience with drunk driving accidents.

You can seek out those recommendations and have legal help as the case moves beyond the initial arrest. An attorney may also accept calls from the inmate and provide advice as the bail bond process moves forward.

4. Meet-Up Locations

With bail bond locations found near several jails and courthouses, a visit with a bail bond company may seem easy but isn’t always the most feasible option. No matter what your reasons are, however, many bondsmen are flexible and will meet you at a different location.

For example, if you live far away from the jail or court, a bail bond company may meet you at a location halfway to go over paperwork and details. You will not need to travel the full distance to the jail until the person is actually released. If you live closer but have a lack of transportation, you can meet up at a closer location to your residence.

A lot of the process can also be completed over the phone. Some companies will take credit card payments on the phone. Once the phone call process is completed, you would only need to sign paperwork in-person to complete the process.

The phone call communication is ideal for modern times, especially as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic and seek ways to avoid in-person contact and socially distance. Some bail bond companies can also send paperwork through email or fax so you can fill out as much as you can on your own.

For more information on bail bond perks, contact us at Absolute Bail Bonds. Our professionals will help guide you and answer any questions you have. The ultimate goal is to make the bail bond process go smoothly and help you reunite with an arrested family member as soon as possible.