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5 Ways a Bail Bonds Company Helps Protect Your Privacy

For many, getting arrested may not only be an embarrassment but could have an impact on both your personal and professional life. To help to keep things as low-key as possible, a bail bonds company has the ability to protect your privacy and keep all aspects of your arrest and bail discreet.

Learn how a bail bonds company will keep an arrest discreet throughout the whole process. The privacy extension may extend to the co-signer of the bail bond as well.

1. Meeting Locations

For some people, actually going to the bail bond business is something they do not want to do. The potential co-signer may not want to be seen or questioned about who they need to bail out. If a person has a current warrant for their arrest, the person also may not want to go directly to the bail bonds company.

To help create a solution, you have the option to meet a bail bonds company at a different location. Areas like coffee shops, a home, or another public area like a library may serve as an ideal meeting location.

Through the meeting, you have the ability to talk in private and ask any questions you have. Many companies that offer bail bonds are open to meeting at different locations, so keep some ideas in mind to have a discreet location suggestion.

2. Collect Calls

In today’s age, our phones can track everything. A bail bonds company has the ability to accept all types of collect calls. The collect calls are typically the ones called directly from a prison, but you may use a collect call to have a private connection not logged on a phone.

A collect call may be made from a number of public phones, including the small number of payphones that still remain in service. With a collect call, your contact with a bail bonds company is not tracked.

In some cases, a person may not want to use employee phone lines or have phone records where other family members can see that you have been in contact with a bail bonds company. A bail bonds company wants to help you move forward with posting the bond quickly so they will take any call presented to them.

3.  24/7 Availability

No one wants to spend one extra second in jail, and for this reason, a majority of bail bonds companies will be open for business 24 hours a day and seven days the week. The hours of a bail bond business also includes holidays.

Not only does the easy access help expedite the bail process, but it also helps with privacy. For example, if you’re the person who co-signs a bail bond, then you can complete the task at the time that works best for your privacy. You do not need to leave work early or involve other family members.

If you need to, you could go in the middle of the night and get all of the paperwork done. Any of your questions or concerns could be answered at any point as well. With the open availability, you can plan and schedule as needed to avoid any privacy issues and to keep the whole situation discreet.

4. Eliminate Alcohol Home Monitoring

In some cases with DUI and other alcohol-related charges, a charged person on bail may have to have alcohol home monitoring. By working with a reputable bail bonds company, you have the option of posting bail and eliminating the need for home monitoring.

With the home monitoring removed, you do not have to have the embarrassment of wearing a tracker bracelet or blood alcohol scanner. With the monitor removed, you have the ability to roam freely and do not have curfew. The one thing you need to ensure you do is show up for court cases.

With the removal of the monitor, you do not need to explain your situation to others and have others judge you. Protect your privacy and any public humiliation you may suffer as a result. 

5. Exclusive Agreements

When you work with a bail bonds company, you do not just need the trust and their word for it to have the privacy you seek. You may get the whole arrangement put into words as an exclusive agreement. 

With the exclusivity, you have the ability to limit communications about the bail bond between the person arrested, the co-signer, and any attorneys who represent the person arrested. Outside of this group, a bail bonds company will not offer any information.

For example, if someone shows up at the bail bonds office with questions about a bond you paid for, the company will not give any information, even the slightest details. With this extra privacy, you can ensure no one pries into your business and the money you paid for a bail bonds with.

For more information on bail bonds and your privacy, contact us at Absolute Bail Bonds. We have years of experience and value your need for privacy in any type of case where bail is needed.