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Bail Bonds in Renville County, MN

If you’ve been arrested in Renville County, MN, you might be thinking that you have to stay in jail until your court date. But at Absolute Bail Bonds, we provide bail bonds to help get you out of jail so you can await your day in court at home.

Experienced Bond Agents

Since 1994, Absolute Bail Bonds has been the largest bail bond company in Minnesota. We have experienced, knowledgeable agents in or near every county in the state, which means that an agent can reach you quickly in Olivia, MN. We don’t want you to be in jail a moment longer than you need to be, and you don’t have to since our agents are so close by.

Getting arrested is never convenient for anyone, which is why we provide bail bond services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We even operate 365 days a year. Our agents can provide you with information about our surety bonds, bail you out of jail, and even recommend a lawyer for your case.

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Don’t stay in jail longer than you have to. Call Walter Carl, our bail bondsman in Olivia, MN, to learn how we can help you get out of jail at 507-532-5535.