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Bail Bonds in Minnesota: The Information You Ought to Know

What is a bail bond?

After a defendant is charged with a crime, the courts set a bail to make sure the defendant will return for future court dates. Factors like past criminal history, likelihood of appearing at future court dates, and the type of charges determine the bail amount. Once the bail is posted, it remains active until the charges are dismissed or the defendant is sentenced.

Should I hire an attorney?

When dealing with legal matters it is always a wise choice to consult an attorney. Absolute Bail Bonds works hard to provide you with an attorney best suited to your needs, depending on whatever crime you”ve been charged with, including legal situations involving bail bonds in Minnesota.

What is a co-signer and who can be a co-signer?

A co-signer is an individual who assumes responsibility to make sure the defendant appears at the mandated court appearances. Usually a family member or close friend, a co-signer is responsible for getting the defendant to turn themselves in to the court if they fail to make their court appearance. Co-signer qualifications include being 21 years or older, having stable employment, sufficient credit, and being a U.S. citizen.

What happens if the defendant is either unable to appear or accidentally misses the court appearance?

First, the court notifies Absolute and then Absolute in turn contacts the co-signer. Absolute works with the cosigner and the defendant to rectify the situation in a timely manner. They’ve dealt with situations like this with bail bonds in St. Paul, MN and in the surrounding areas before, and are fully capable of helping your situation as well.

Are bail bond used for additional court fees, restitutions or fines?

As bail bonds in Minnesota can only be used to guarantee court appearances, they cannot be used for fines or court fees, which are ordered by the court when necessary. Co-signers for bail bonds are not held responsible for these fees to the courts.

What happens if I am arrested and released from jail without being charged with a crime?

It is fairly common for the courts to release people from jail without charging them with a crime. However, in those cases often times the charges are pending and come later. For these situations, bail bonds in St. Paul, MN and the surrounding areas can be set up in advance through Absolute Bail bonds.

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