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Differences Between a Bail Bond Agent & a Bail Bond Clerk

As you consult professional help with bail, it’s important to understand exactly what your expectations will be through the whole process. One of the elements you need to know and understand are the professionals you talk to while you go through the bail bond process. Typically, when you work with a bail bond company, there will be two people you communicate with: a bail bond agent and a bail bond clerk.

Learn about the differences between the two, how both will help you through the process, and who exactly to make contact with during various situations.

Clerks & Agents

The terms bondsmen and agency are often interchangeable while a bail clerk and bail agent have some major differences. Once you actually choose the company you want to work with, you may either speak to a clerk or an agent.

An agent is licensed to serve the bail bond agreements. They may also be the business owner, but a bail bond business could also have multiple bail bond agents. Once licensed, the bail bond agent will have a license number assigned to them and is officially used for any bail bond needs, including bail applications.

The licensed person is the person who takes on the full bond responsibility if a person does not show up for court the full bail amount gets charged. A clerk is any bail bond employee who is not licensed to complete bail filing tasks. The clerk still holds many important jobs within the business, however.

Clerks will often answer calls, forward messages, and answer questions people have when they call. They help keep the business going and are often the first contact a person makes when they need bail assistance.

Unlimited Access

One of the main benefits of a bail clerk is the ability to help the business stay open 24 hours a day. Every business is different, but typically a bail bond company will rely on clerks to keep the business running during after-hours and on holidays.

A clerk will help a person get through all the required paperwork, run credit checks if needed, and have everything fully prepared to deliver to the bail bond agent as soon as it’s ready. The agents themselves will often work in the after-hours on an on-call basis.

The clerk will contact the agent as soon as possible to help deliver a bail payment and get a person out of prison. The whole process helps the business stay in operations every day of the year so no one has to stay in jail longer than intended.

Paperwork Guidance

When you file for a bail bond for the first time, the paperwork may seem overwhelming. This is where a bail clerk comes in handy. A bail agent has several different people and tasks to take care of on a daily basis. For example, a bond agent will often be the one who has to visit jails and courthouses for signatures and appearances.

A bail clerk will help guide you through the step by step processing of filling out the proper paperwork. In many cases, bail bond companies will often accept paperwork over the phone or through email procedures.

The experience a bail clerk has will help ensure no errors occur and that the bail gets posted as soon as possible. The clerks will not only answer any questions you have but explain each section so you understand exactly what the agreement means.

Money Questions

There may be specific times when you want to talk to an agent directly. A majority of times, the direct questions with an agent will have to do with money. An agent has the years of knowledge and experience to help explain the fees you pay and the collateral you have for higher bail amounts.

A bail agent will also help you with different financial situations. There may be a way to set up monthly or weekly payments for the bail fee and you can discuss the various types of payments with the bail agent. As a licensed agent, they have the final authority to make decisions.

If you are looking to speak to someone high on the chain at the bail bond office, always request to speak to an agent to get the exact answers you seek out. Most clerks will be able to answer a majority of the questions, but may also wait and ask an agent for clarification of certain aspects as well.

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