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Don’ts of Working With a Bail Bond Agency


If you or a loved one is ever arrested and they cannot afford bail, contacting a bail bond agency is a good option to help them get out of jail while they await their appearance before a judge. For a small fee, the bond agent will help secure a defendant’s release. Bail bond agents are professional and knowing how to work with them will ensure the process is smooth and you are able to meet your obligations.

Here are a few common don’ts to keep in mind if you ever need the services of a bail bonds company.

Don’t Work With the Wrong Bail Bond Agency

Depending on where you live, you may only have a few or multiple bond agencies who are willing to work with you. Unfortunately, not all agencies are created equally. Here are a few tips to help you find a reputable bail bond agency:

  • Ask to see a bail bond license. Most bail agencies have their license clearly displayed in their office. If not, ask to see the license and get the license number. Walk away if the bondsman won’t provide a license.
  • Check out the office. Is the office space clean and professional? Does the bond professional have answers to all of your questions or do they seem disheveled or misinformed?
  • Do your homework online or ask for a recommendation Ask friends and family for a recommendation or check out the online reviews.

If you are only able to contact the bond agency over the phone, ask them their license number and how many years they have worked in the industry.

Don’t Contact Your Loved One Before Contacting a Bail Bond Agency

After you are arrested and booked, most stations will allow only a single or limited phone calls. Before calling your spouse, parents, or best friend, contact a bond agency. A bond agency requires time to contact the jail, gather the necessary paperwork, and finalize your release.

Getting a hold of a loved one first will slow down the process. After you speak to the bond agent, provide your family or friend with the bond agent’s name. Your friend or family can contact the bond agency if necessary to determine if they need to take any further steps to help secure your release.

Don’t Lie on the Application or to the Bond Agent

Your bond agent will ask for several pieces of information before allowing to bail you out of jail. For example, you will need to provide some basic information, such as your current address and phone number. This information is pertinent because after you are out on bond, the bond agent will need to stay in contact with you.

You may also need to provide your employer’s name and address and the names, addresses, and phone numbers of references that can vouch for you.

The bond agent will provide more detailed information about what they specifically need to complete your application.

Don’t Misunderstand the Conditions of Your Bond

Depending upon the severity of your offense, you could wind up with additional charges. For example, if one of the conditions of your bail is to complete court-ordered public service, you must report on time and complete the public service. Another condition set by your bond agency could be weekly check-ins with your bond agent.

Ask your agent to provide you with a detailed list of your bond. Hang up the list or keep in on your cellphone. If you aren’t sure whether an action or choice will violate these conditions, double check your list to ensure you don’t accidentally have your bail revoked.

Don’t Get Rearrested

Finally, no matter what the conditions of your bail, chances are no one bond agency or court system will tolerate certain conditions including: getting arrested again while out on bond. Staying on the straight and narrow is the best way to avoid having your bond revoked and receiving additional charges. Avoid associating with people who have a criminal record, or you have been arrested with in the past.

From making sure to stay on the straight and narrow to doing your homework and working with a reputable agencies, keep in mind several don’ts when working with the bail bond company. If you have any further questions, contact the professionals at Absolute Bail Bonds.