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Frequently Asked Questions About Turning Yourself In

If you have, or suspect you have, a warrant out for your arrest, you may live in constant fear. When there is a knock at the door, you may worry it is a police officer coming to arrest you. When you are driving, you may drive extra careful to ensure you do not get pulled over.

Living in fear is not going to solve the warrant or the problems you are facing. Turning yourself in allows you to face the music and move on with your life. Here are a few questions you may have about warrants and turning yourself in. 

How Do You Find Out If You Have an Active Warrant? 

In Minnesota, one of the ways to check for warrants is to contact the sheriff’s office in the county where you think the warrant is active. Some counties have a way to check for warrants directly from a web page, while other counties ask you to call with an inquiries. While most law enforcement agencies will provide you this information, they are not legally obligated to do so. If they are busy, for example, they may not take the time to provide you this information. 

If you have a criminal defense attorney or public defender, reach out to them. A criminal defense attorney or public defender can confirm whether you have an active warrant. They may also be able to schedule a hearing for bench warrants, which can help you get the warrant quashed without going to jail. 

The other way to learn if you have a warrant is through a bail bonds company. A bail bond company can tell you if there is an arrest warrant issued for you anywhere in Minnesota, what county it is issued in, and if a bail amount is set. Some companies provide this service for free, while others charge for a warrant check. 

Why Should You Turn Yourself In? 

If you do have a warrant, it is recommended you take control of the situation and turn yourself in. You will no longer live in fear. You can also turn yourself in at a time that works for you. You can make arrangements for child care and take days off of work, minimizing the disruption to your life.

Turning yourself in also shows the courts that you are taking responsibility for your actions. If bail has not been set, turning yourself in can become a deciding factor in whether bail is set and how much bail is set at. 

Can You Post Bail Before or After Turning Yourself In? 

When preparing to turn yourself in, check with a bail bonds company to find out if bail is already set. In Minnesota, many counties use a general bail schedule. A general bail schedule dictates how much bail is for specific crimes, rather than requiring you to appear before a judge for bail to be set. 

If bail is set, you can work with a bail bonds company to fill out the paperwork and pay the bond fees. Once you turn yourself in and the booking process is complete, the bail bonds company can post bail for you to get you out of jail. If bail is not set, you will need to wait until bail is set to arrange to be bailed out by a bail bonds company. 

Where Do You Turn Yourself In If You Have a Warrant? 

In Minnesota, you can turn yourself in directly at your local county jail or adult detention facilities. The address for the jails, and the days and hours they request you turn yourself in at, are posted on each county sheriff’s website. If you are unable to find the information, contact the sheriff’s office, and they can tell you where to go to turn yourself in.

When turning yourself in, it is important to go to the county jail in the county where your warrant was issued. This prevents slowdowns that can arise if you need to be extradited to another county jail. 

What Should You Bring With You When Turning Yourself In? 

When you are turning yourself in, you should bring a photo identification with you, such as a driver’s license, passport, or military identification card. If you take any prescription medications, bring the medications with you. Only non-expired prescription medications are allowed. Also bring glasses, hearing aids, canes, walkers, or other orthopedic devices you may need. You can also bring cash so you can post bail. 

If you suspect you have a warrant in Minnesota, or you know you do, Absolute Bail Bonds can help you. We offer free warrant checks. If you have a bail amount set, we will work with you to fill out paperwork before you turn yourself in, helping you to get out as quickly as possible. Call us today to discuss how we can help you.