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How Do Bail Services to Clear a Warrant Work?

If you have an outstanding warrant, you may be able to take care of it by posting bail. However, posting bail to clear a warrant depends on the type of warrant you have, why it was issued, and several other factors. To help you understand how this process works, here’s a look at the key issues involved. Man being arrested


A warrant is a document that authorizes a police officer to arrest a specific person. If there is a warrant issued for you, the police won’t necessarily come looking for you. However, if they pull you over during a routine traffic stop and find a warrant attached to your name, you’ll be arrested, regardless of whether or not you are committing a crime at the time. For example, if someone rear ends your car and you call the police to the scene of the accident, they can arrest you at that point based on your outstanding warrant. If you think there may be a warrant out for your arrest, you can search for the warrant online. However, Minnesota offers its warrant searches on county websites, and if you aren’t sure where the warrant was issued, you may have to check multiple websites. To make the process easier, Absolute Bail Bonds offers free warrant searches.


Many arrest warrants have a bail amount attached to them, and if you post the bail, you don’t have to go to jail. In some cases, posting bail can eliminate the warrant completely. In these cases, you won’t be arrested, but you may have to appear in court later. In other cases, even if you pay bail, you may have to go to jail and be formally booked. At that point, the bail you have posted kicks in, and you can leave. This process is a merely a formality, but it can take a few hours. Alternatives to Bail If you opt not to pay the bail attached to your warrant, you may be incarcerated until you post bail or until your trial. In some cases, warrants are issued without a set bail. Depending on why the warrant was issued, you may be released with a warning and no bail required, or you may be incarcerated with no option to pay bail.

Attorney Assistance

When appearing before a judge, it can help to have an attorney, especially if you have a warrant issued with no bail attached to it, you may want to turn to an attorney for help. The attorney can argue that you should be released without bail or attempt to convince the judge to set a low bail amount. However, in these cases, you may want to arrange bail in advance. That way once the bail is set at the hearing, you can post it immediately.

Body-Only Warrant

Most warrants in Minnesota have bail attached to them. Body-only warrants are an exception. These special bench warrants are issued when the suspect has been accused of a serious violent crime or if the judge fears the accused will not appear in court again of their own volition. The words “body only” refer to the fact that the warrant will only be satisfied if the person bodily appears in court. If you have a body-only warrant issued for your arrest, you typically cannot use bail services to take care of that warrant. Instead, you have to present yourself to the authorities. However, in some cases, defense attorneys can get the conditions of a body only warrant changed to include bail. If you want to learn more about bail services to clear a warrant or if you want to check to see if you have an outstanding warrant, contact Absolute Bail Bonds today. We have locations across the state so we can help you post bail as quickly as possible.