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I Can’t Make My Court Date! What Are My Options?

You probably already know that if you skip bail, you’re going to have your bail bond collected on. And that means that not only do you become fully responsible for your bail bond amount (as does anyone else who guaranteed it), but you may also end up with a bench warrant out for your arrest. But what do you do if you really can’t make your court date? You may end up in this situation and wonder what your options are.

What’s a Legitimate Excuse to Get Out of Court?

Although you are legally obligated to show up to court, you may be able to get your court date changed or postponed for the following reasons.

Medical Emergencies

If you can get a medical note from your doctor that you have a very serious medical issue, you may get permission to have your trial continued at a later date. You can either submit this evidence first, which is ideal, or you can submit it at the court date through a proxy.

If possible, you’ll want to do it before your court date, as you’ll then be able to get permission to miss the court date. Otherwise, you might still be found to be skipping bail.

Being in Custody

You may end up with a court date for one issue while you are in custody for another issue. This can happen because different counties may not communicate with each other. In this situation, it’s very important that you notify the court system immediately, in addition to your bondsman and your lawyer.

A Death in the Family.

A death close to you may be enough for a court to reschedule your trial, but you will often need to provide evidence, such as a certificate of death. Having to work, needing to take care of children or other excuses can sometimes be considered by a judge, but it is not likely.

Can You Always Reschedule a Court Date?

The easiest way to postpone a court date is to actually go to court. You can always go to court and ask for an extension. But, of course, this means that you need to be available.

You can simply ask the courts to reschedule. The rescheduling will generally have to be approved by the opposing counsel and the judge, but if you have a reasonable excuse, it often will be. However, this is up to their discretion; if they feel that the court date should stand, you may have no other option.

Whom Should You Contact If You Can’t Make Your Court Date?

As soon as you realize that you aren’t going to be able to make your court date, you should make sure to contact the following people.

Your Bondsman

Your bondsman needs to know that you’re experiencing problems so that they will be able to help you. Your bondsman is going to have to collect on the bond if you skip bail, so they have a vested interest in making sure that you don’t. This also means that they have a vested interest in making sure that you can make your court date.

Your Lawyer

If you have a lawyer or a public attorney, now is the time to use them. They can go to the court to let the judge know that you need to reschedule — and they can try to make sure that you don’t end up skipping bail or having a warrant out for your arrest. However, do remember that this is all up to the court system itself.

Your Court

Finally, you should also notify the court that you are seeking a postponement. Your lawyer can do this as well, but it’s good to have multiple documents that show that you attempted to postpone the date. Keep any documents regarding this.

If you can’t make your court date, you should contact a bondsman immediately. The sooner the bondsman knows about this, the more likely you are to get a trial rescheduled. It is possible to reschedule a trial, especially if you have evidence in hand. Contact Absolute Bail Bonds to find out more information about the process.