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The first time you face the bail bond process, you may feel overwhelmed, intimidated, or even frustrated. You may worry about where you’ll get the money and about how the court process could affect your daily life.

When you need compassion and expert bail bond services in Iowa, trust Absolute Bail Bonds. Contact one of our Bail Bonds Agents below.


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IOWA 1-877-885-2245
Polk & Des Moines 1-515-286-4977

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We offer a comprehensive range of bail services. Contact us for any of the following:
  • Removal of home monitoring through bond
  • Traditional bail bond
Regardless of your situation, you can depend on our representatives to handle your case with the discretion, skill, and professionalism you deserve.

Our Bail Bondsmen

As a company, we’ve handled bail bonds of all sizes and cases just like yours for more than two decades. We hire and train competent, professional agents to handle cases outside of our home state of Minnesota.

For service in Iowa County, IA, call us at 1-877-885-2245. For service in Polk County or Des Moines County, contact us by calling 1-515-286-4977. We’re available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and we accept collect calls.

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