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Becker County
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No one intends to get into legal trouble, but the fact remains that you or someone you love has been arrested, whether for a DUI or other charges. As a result, you need an expert to post bail and get you or your family member out of jail to prepare for the court date.

Call Absolute Bail Bonds if you live anywhere in Becker County, MN. We’ve provided full bail bond services since 1994. In some situations, we can even post bail so you don’t have to endure home monitoring before you appear in court. Call our representative in your area, no matter the time of day or night, for fast assistance.

Benefit From Comprehensive Services

Should your situation prevent you from visiting us, we will come to you. We maintain solid relationships with local law enforcement and other authorities to make the bail bond process go as smoothly as possible. Additionally, we can also help you by:
  • Giving you free information about bail bonds and other relevant services
  • Checking any warrants for your arrest
  • Clearing outstanding warrants for your arrest
If you post bail with us, you don’t have to worry about your finances. We will help you build a flexible payment plant.

Get In Touch With Us

Chris Holt, your local bail bondsman, lives in Detroit Lakes, MN, and he is ready to get you or the person you love out of jail. Call him at 218-847-8558.