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Hubbard County

If you have been detained in the Hubbard County Jail, you want to return to your family and your job. But, if you’re like most people, you can’t afford to pay bail on your own, so you need reliable bail bonds services to bail you out in Hubbard County, MN. At Absolute Bail Bonds, we have a bail bondsman right in Park Rapids, MN. Call bail bondsman Bonnie Paquin and return home today.

Convenient Bail Bonds

You can count on us for free bail bond information when you call. As we meet with you, we’ll let you know what your responsibility is if we pay the bail. Typically, you simply agree to come to court when summoned. You’ll also pay us a small portion of your bail cost. If you can’t afford the fee right away, you can use one of our payment plans. With dozens of bail bonds agents in Minnesota, we offer bail bonds for people all around the country. Since our opening in 1994, we’ve also expanded into Iowa and North Dakota. Don’t spend a minute longer in jail than you need to. If you’re near Park Rapids, MN, call Bonnie Paquin  at 218-732-6700 today.