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Itasca County
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Itasca County Jail is a secure facility with meals, medical care, and visiting hours. Yet despite the good qualities of the jail, being in jail is rarely an enjoyable experience.

Fortunately, there’s a way to leave the Itasca County Jail and return home quickly. Absolute Bail Bonds has a bail bondsman in Grand Rapids, MN to help you secure bail.

Absolute Service, Absolute Satisfaction

There’s no other bail bonds company quite like Absolute Bail Bonds. Since our start in 1994, we’ve expanded throughout the state and into Iowa and North Dakota. We now offer bail bonds services throughout Minnesota, including in Itasca County, MN.

When you work with our agent, we can let you know how little it costs you to secure a bail bond. If necessary, we can even post bail to get you off home monitoring or to clear a warrant against you. You’ll soon be on your way so you can await your court date in your own home.

Contacting us is easy. We’ve available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we even accept collect calls. We can meet you at jail, at home, or anywhere else you prefer. Call us today in Itasca County at 218-327-2030.