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Many residents consider Fairmont to be Southern Minnesota’s best kept secret. With its picturesque lakes, unique specialty shops, and welcoming community, this city is one of the best areas to raise your family. However, even the best citizens can make a mistake. Your desperate cousin may have tried to shoplift. Or your brother and his friends may have gotten drunk and tried to pick a fight in a bar. And unfortunately, these situations often result in jail time. If you or a family member needs to post bail, don’t hesitate to call on Absolute Bail Bonds. We’re available 24/7 so you can secure a prompt release.

Our Service

The representatives at Absolute Bail Bonds have plenty of experience posting bail for a variety of charges. When you call on us, we’ll meet with you at home, in court, or even in jail to guide you through the filing process. We’ll even match you with an attorney to help you present your case in a favorable light.

Act Fast

Don’t let jail time take you away from your family. Call 507-235-5988 to talk with Jim Mcshane about your bail bonds in Fairmont, MN.