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Professional Bail Bonds Services in Duluth, MN and All of St. Louis County

St. Louis County

Dennis Clark

If you were recently arrested and placed in St. Louis County Jail in Duluth, you want to return home as soon as possible. The way to do that is through bail bonds services in St. Louis County, MN. Dennis Clark, a bail bondsman from Absolute Bail Bonds, would be happy to assist you. He can help you secure bail so you can return home before your court appearance.

What We Do

The cost of your bail depends on the crime you’re accused of. But no matter how small your crime, you likely can’t afford to pay the entire bail cost. When you work with our bail bondsman services, we make sure that your bail costs are taken care of. You pay a portion of the bail cost, and we pay the rest. Then, all you need to do is arrive at your court dates.

Call Dennis Clark Today

If you’re incarcerated in Duluth, MN, Dennis Clark is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. He can meet with you wherever you prefer. He also offers flexible payment plans to make sure you can afford the costs. Call Dennis Clark today at 218-722-7060 and say goodbye to St. Louis County Jail.