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Proactive Tips to Address an Active Warrant

In the movies, the character who has just been arrested will always swear that they had no idea that a warrant for their arrest existed, even as viewers shake their head in disbelief. Unlike the melodrama of a Hollywood script, people in real life often do have some reason to think that a warrant may have been issued for their arrest. If you are one of the many people who may already have some type of outstanding warrant hanging over their heads, this information can help you find a proactive solution. Legal Inaction Often Leads to Arrest  Many arrest warrants are a direct result of some form of inaction on the part of the person named in the warrant. Some of the most common forms of this type of inaction include:
  • Failing to pay a traffic ticket
  • Missing a court date
  • Violating the terms of a probation order or bail bond agreement
  • Falling behind on court-ordered spousal or child support payments
Often, the inaction that causes issuance of an arrest warrant happens because of financial or time constraints, or simply a poor decision to put off dealing with a known legal issue. Untimely Arrests Create Personal Complications No matter the reason, allowing legal issues to progress to the point where an arrest warrant is issued only complicates an existing legal issue. For example, when an arrest warrant is served at the home of a single parent, minor children may be placed in foster care or sent to live with relatives. Arrest warrants served at work can result in embarrassment, as well as the potential for lost income or even termination. Minor traffic stops can result in a towed or impounded vehicle, both of which only rack up additional costs and create further complications. Warrant Searches Help Avoid Arrest Instead of waiting for the havoc that an arrest can cause, take steps to resolve the problem before the actual arrest occurs to help you manage the situation in a more positive manner. A good first step is to seek out the assistance of a bail bond agent who can perform a confidential search for active warrants in the jurisdiction where you reside. If the warrant is for a relatively minor infraction, such as failing to pay a traffic ticket, it is often possible to clear up the problem by voluntarily posting bail on the charge with local law enforcement or the court system before an arrest is actually made. Minor infractions can sometimes also be handled by signing a statement admitting guilt and paying the associated fine and court costs. If the offense is a minor one and will not result in more pressing legal issues later, resolve it in this manner to eliminate the need for hiring an attorney or attending additional court dates. Work Through a No Bond Scenario Warrant searches that reveal a charge that is more serious than a traffic ticket still do not always result in an arrest, if it is handled proactively. In many cases, charges that require additional court actions can be resolved by voluntarily turning yourself in and then immediately posting the bond amount. If no bond amount is attached to the charge stated in the arrest warrant, you may still be able to avoid jail time. Since courts set bond amounts, ask your attorney to contact the court during business hours to discuss the warrant and arrange for a bond amount to be set, even though it has not yet been served. In some instances, the attorney may even be able to persuade the court to release you on your own recognizance, based on assurances that you will abide by all terms included in the agreement. Once the attorney has made satisfactory arrangements for your bond amount, they can schedule a time for you to voluntarily surrender yourself to local law enforcement for service of the warrant. This meeting for the purpose of being served with the warrant should be attended by both your attorney and a properly licensed bail bond agent. This ensures that the arrangements previously made are honored and enable you to immediately post the agreed upon bond amount so that you can avoid actual jail time. Being formally served with the warrant may still require you to undergo formal booking even though you will be immediately released on bond. The booking process differs depending upon the policies of the arresting law enforcement agency and court system, but typically includes a criminal background check, fingerprinting, and being photographed. Take Prompt Action  If you currently live in fear of a pending arrest due to the possible issuance of an arrest warrant, opt to take action by using the information above to help you more easily deal with the problem. Contact one of our licensed bail bond agents at Absolute Bail Bonds today. We will perform a confidential warrant search and then work with you to help you avoid spending time in jail.